About the Owner

You approach a grand looking door and gently open it. Inside you find a person sitting in an ornate chair. She is holding a book in one hand and a glass of what you assume is wine in the other.
She looks up from her book at you and seem surprised.
"Well now... I haven't had visitors in... must be a decade or more now. Please, come in and don't be shy. I won't bite."
She chuckles to aerself at this comment as you sit in chair opposite her, also ornate though decidedly less than hers.
"I can tell you're curious so let me tell you about myself." She says. You nod and ae begins to talk.

I am Nemissa, Vampire Extraordinaire. Owner and proprietor of this castle.

While you're here, you are my guest and you can feel free to roam the halls as you please. I place no restrictions on where you can go. All I ask is that you show respect whilst here.

As for myself, I am 530 years old. I have been living here with my servants for a century now. I previously lived in many other places but I had to move on after a while lest the local populace grow suspicious of my eternal youth and ever perfect health. I grew tired of travelling and giving up all that I had every few decades so I decided to build this castle and settle here for good. The locals gossip of the scary Vampire, or perhaps Witch, that lives in the lonely castle on the hill. In hindsight, I should perhaps have built something a little more inviting and less likely to stand out but times change and people are ever superstitious. It just so happens that they are correct, I am a Vampire and a Witch. No one really believes the silly stories so it's the perfect cover really, to hide in plain sight, don't you agree?

But enough about my sad history, allow me tell you more about myself personally. As you can see I am a slender, 6ft tall being. I have black hair I keep short in a bob cut and I am rather pale from many years away from sunlight. It's not all bad, I have much time to work on things. Lately I've become very interested in making my own video games and building Gunpla. What? Does it surprise you that a Vampire would have such modern hobbies? If I only indulged in centuries-old literature and opera, I would likely go mad. I've kept up with modern trends despite being locked away in my castle.

My interests include the afformentioned Gunpla, programming, reading sci-fi, video games and fashion. Perhaps it may be cliche but I am a fan of gothic fashion, it compliments my appearance perfectly I think.

Oh before I forget, I do know modern ettiquette despite my age, my pronouns are she/her or ae/aer, either is fine. I know the latter are not exactly common and may take some time to get used to so she/her is fine.

Now you're free to do as you wish. If you'd like to talk to me more there are various channels of communication open to you. Otherwise enjoy what my castle has to offer. I'm sure you'll find much to delight you.

Have fun!

The Vampire goes back to her book. You're unsure what to think but you're sure Nemissa means you no harm and is genuine in what she says. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take her up on her offer of looking around a little and maybe even trying to make friends with this strange person.