Retro Game Challenge

You open a creaky old door and step into the room beyond. Inside you find an array of CRT televisions, beige computers and video game consoles. It's like you stepped back into the 90's. This antiquated room is where the Vampire does her gaming.

Inspired by the classic Retro Game Gauntlet, I've created my own variation that allows a little more flexibility and choice while retaining the challenge of playing random games.

I created this mainly for the purpose of motivating myself to play and finish more games without the restriction of having to start with the NES. It allows players to diversify the games that they play by allowing them to select which console they want to play next rather than having to follow the pre-determined list which starts off very Nintendo focused. It also allows players a degree of flexibility in the systems they can play. If people want to exchange the NES for the ZX Spectrum then that's possible, if they want the Lynx instead of the Game Boy then they can! Below you can find the rules.

Round 1:

Complete Three Console/Computer Games.

Round 2:

Complete Three Console/Computer Games and Two Handheld Games.

Round 3:

Complete Three Console Games and Two Handheld Games.

Round 4:

Complete Three Console Games and a GBA Game.

Round 5:

Complete Two Console Games and a Handheld Game.

Optional PC Gauntlet:


  1. You may play the systems in a round in any order but you must complete the requirement to move on to the next round.

  2. You can use this site to randomly select the game you must play.

  3. Once you have rolled, you must attempt to finish that game. You can't change your mind and select a different system if you roll a game you don't want to play.

  4. The time you have to finish a game depends on it's HowLongToBeat rating:
    Up to 20 hours = 1 week
    20-50 hours = 2 weeks
    50-80 hours = 3 weeks
    80-100+ hours = 1 month

  5. If you fail then you have to choose a different system in the same round. If you exhaust all systems without completing a round then start the round over again.

  6. If the game is unplayable for some reason (hardware reasons, language barrier, etc) then you may reroll.

  7. If you roll the same game on a different system then you can reroll unless the game is significantly different to the other version (e.g. Shadowrun on SNES and Mega Drive.)

  8. If the game is never ending/score attack then try to set the highest score you can in a week. Try challenging your friends to see who can do the best

Hard Mode:

  1. Complete every system in a round before progressing to the next.

  2. You have one week for games shorter than 50 hours. Two weeks for any games longer than 50 hours.

  3. If you fail a round, you must complete the previous round again.

  4. You must complete the PC round.

It'd make me happy if anyone who stumbled on this would like to complete this challenge as well. All I ask is that you share the journey with me by messaging me on Twitter. I'd be very happy to make a page with the names of everyone who has completed it and share the screenshots of their completed games. I don't wish to encourage the use of Twitter for this but it will do for now. I will go about setting up some kind of guestbook and email with which you can share these with me too.